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A better rate for your savings!

Look at our rate sheet...We have higher rates for you!

• Low GIC minimum investment ($500)
• Guaranteed principal and interest
• Deposits are insured by Deposit Insurance Corporation Ontario up to $250,000 for non-registered and unlimited for registered
• Available for non-registered, TFSA, RRSP and RRIF investments
• Rates are subject to change without notice.

OECU-Doug McKee” Scholarships!

OECU has proudly been awarding post-secondary scholarships since 2001. We are happy to announce this year will be no different and we look forward to adding to the $133,000 awarded in scholarships to date!

Every year we award significant scholarships to many deserving students who are members or relatives of our Credit Union Members. This year’s application submission deadline is April 4, 2019. Details of the scholarship and application packages are linked below or can be obtained by contacting our offices.

Scholarship Description | Scholarship Application | Reference Form

“Hard sell & up sell” practices in the financial world!

The concept of a “Sales Culture” has been around for a very long time. It is not something that our Board of Directors or I have embraced as the business model for our organization. We instead focus on providing exceptional service!


Call for Nominations!

It is our desire to have a diverse Board of Directors that is a reflection of our Membership.

We are searching for candidates that have a passion to make our Credit Union better today and tomorrow.

If you are interested in information about being a Director of OECU please click on the link “Cover Info for Potential Candidates.”

For additional information and an application form please click on the link “OECU Candidate for Director

Thank you for your interest.

Cover Info for Potential Candidates | OECU Candidate for Director

e-Transfers are here!

OECU is pleased to launch “e-tsf” the simple, secure way to transfer money from anywhere to anyone.

It's easy.

It's secure.

It's convenient.

It's quick.


Click here for further details.


Are you tired of paying a debt that NEVER gets paid?

The rates you are paying are probably TOO HIGH!


That’s the average percentage interest cost we save credit union members and their families when they consolidate their debt with us.

Click here to read our latest newsletter.

Off my pay... Off my mind

Start Saving Today… click here for details.

Travel Alert – Country Blocking

If you are travelling out of North America please read this
for important information.

ATM Card Cancellation

If your ATM (Membercard) is Lost, Stolen, Compromised (skimmed) or even if you just have a sense that your card may have been compromised call one of the numbers below and cancel your card immediately. This interactive voice response service is available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Cancel your card via any of the following options:

ü  Birth date and social insurance number.
Account number and social insurance number.
Name and social insurance number.
Name and account number.
ü  ATM (Membercard) number.

Stop the criminals from stealing your hard earned money, if you have any suspicious Automated Teller Machine or Point of Sale transactions; cancel you ATM card immediately by calling…

Ø  877 – 764 – 3693 (Canada & U.S.)
905 – 764 – 3693 (International)

Who can do business with OECU?

OECU Spring UpdateAll educational employees (current or retired) and their families throughout Ontario can do business with us – Your Full Service Financial Institution. We are the financial institution dedicated to, and specializing in serving the unique needs of the educational community.

Read about this and other FAQ's of OECU in the Spring Newsletter.


OECU Mobile...is here!

OECU has a new, Mobile web site. We're excited to offer Members access to many of the features of our main site on a handheld device. Features that are currently available on our Mobile site, include: NetBanking, ATM Locator, Promos, News, Services, Rates and a Contact page with office maps.

To access the OECU mobile web site, enter oecu.mobi into the web address bar on your smart phone or mobile device.

OECU Mobile...is here!

Note: Visiting the OECU mobile web site (oecu.mobi) on a computer will automatically re-direct you to our main web site (oecu.on.ca).

Mutual Funds

For a diverse investment plan
Mutual funds combine the benefits of diversification and professional asset management with affordability – making them an ideal solution for many investors.

Our seasoned Wealth Consultants have access to thousands of quality mutual funds from top performing fund families like:

  • NEI

  • AGF

  • Franklin Templeton

  • Invesco Trimark

  • Fidelity

Together, they’ll work with you to understand your overall investment strategy and make recommendations on the right mix of mutual funds for your financial goals.

Talk to a Wealth Consultant today to find out if mutual funds are right for you.

Mutual funds are offered through Credential Asset Management Inc. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the prospectus before investing. Unless otherwise stated, mutual fund securities and cash balances are not insured nor guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.

GO Figure - Your ABC’s of Personal Finance

GO Figure!With one stop, make more informed financial decisions, organize your finances and calculate your needs for mortgages, personal & auto loans, retirement, insurance
and much more! Go Figure”.


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